Westport Construction, Inc

125 W. Maple Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016
125 W. Maple Ave. Monrovia CA 91016 US

From their website:

“Vision: Westport views each project individually, knowing that no two are ever the same.  With our background in development, architecture, construction management and construction, Westport is able to understand the needs and agendas of all team members.  We have the ability to mediate between conflicting parties, presenting our issues in a professional manner while working towards the common goal of project success, keeping in mind others needs and desires. Westport’s background and approach encourages creative problem solving, while being able to think outside the contractor’s box and present solutions that are satisfactory to all parties

Integrity: This is the hallmark of Westport’s approach.  We deal with other team members openly and honestly, and expect the same of them.  Both our clients and our vendors seek to do repeat business with Westport because they have confidence knowing that they’ll be treated fairly. Communication is of the essence in this regard, it needs to be both frequent and open.  Beyond contractually-obligated meetings and correspondence, we seek to sure that all critical issues are communicated clearly and timely, ensuring an appropriate response.  We do not hesitate to admit our mistakes, and expect the same of Westport’s team members

Dedication: Westport is fully committed to the success of each project, taking whatever actions necessary to ensure it.  We staff our projects with the appropriate personnel, in terms of both numbers and talent, to ensure success.  Individual staff members dedicate themselves to the client’s goals, and will not hesitate to go above and beyond the expected level of involvement. We expect the same level of dedication of other team members, including our clients and design team, as well as our subcontractors and suppliers. Another measure of dedication is longevity.  In a volatile industry, many members of Westport’s staff have been with the firm for a number of years.

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