SoCal Youth Sports Solutions

Los Angeles, CA
106 West 1st Street Los Angeles California 90012 US

SoCal Youth Sports Solutions aims to redefine and rebuild youth sports in southern California.

We will do this by increasing accessibility and availability of affordable youth sports and professional youth sports coaching to all children, regardless of age, ability, gender and socio-economic backgrounds, our ambition is to start with soccer and to evolve through the multiple invasion game sports like basketball and lacrosse and on to baseball etc.

We offer families multiple methods of signing up for classes. There is the traditional route of signing up for classes currently running to our schedule with the addition of allowing parents to adapt and change their schedules as needed on our calendar system. They chose how often and when they play and what is best for them and their family. Alternatively, we offer families a chance to set their own day and location for classes and to select their coach to develop a team like environment for their private group. Finally, we work with youth soccer organizations to educate volunteer parent coaches to deliver our framework and program to ensure every child has an enjoyable and engaging experience that is research and evidence based.

Contact Person
Matthew Bambrick