Famished, Inc

Los Angeles, CA, 90020 USA
4171 5th Street Los Angeles California 90020 US

Famished is a web and mobile technology company established in 2021 that aims to help restaurants convert third-party delivery customers into first-party customers. By utilizing last mile delivery service providers, Famished connects restaurants directly with their customers, enabling restaurant owners to save 30-40% on commission fees typically paid to middleman delivery companies​​​​.

The company also operates as a double-sided marketplace, allowing users to search and discover food from local restaurants using artificial intelligence. Famished’s platform is designed to cater to various business vendors, including single family-owned restaurants, chains, and economic development departments, as well as customers like Millennials, Gen Z, and people with dietary restrictions​​​​.

Famished aims to become the leading platform in search and discovery within the food service industry by using AI to provide personalized restaurant recommendations, individual dish suggestions, and filtered menus. This approach helps reduce the uncertainty in choosing what to eat and inspires customers to explore a diverse range of food options​​.

Contact Person
Abhi Chatterjee