CLASS UFC Gym Glendale

107 West Wilson Avenue, Glendale, CA 91203, USA
201 North Brand Boulevard Glendale California 91203 US

A modern twist on traditional Boxing and High Intensity Interval Training in a Dynamic Fitness Environment that is inviting to all. Taking the best trainers, the best moves, and the best technologies. CLASS creates workouts that transform not only your body but also how you look at workouts. We provide two unique fitness classes

HIIT: HIIT class is HIGH- INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING designed to consistently shock your system and deliver results in a compact amount of time and help burn calories throughout your day for 36 hours +

BOXING: Expect to burn hundreds of calories in this HIGH INTENSITY BOXING CLASS designed to enhance your endurance while getting you shredded and also help build self empowerment as well as self defense so you feel that confidence being out in the world.

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Sanad Ammari