Americas United Bank: Member Feature

Americas United Bank: Member Feature

The driving force behind the Glendale Chamber of Commerce is the desire to promote and foster business within the city of Glendale. Few businesses embody this principle as well as Americas United Bank, a minority owned, community bank that provides banking services to many of Glendale small and medium sized businesses. With four branches currently in operation, they have continued to grow and excel since first opening in 2006.

Americas United Bank has experienced significant expansion and growth in recent years while continually serving the needs of the business community. They are classified as a Preferred Lender with the Small Business Administration (SBA) which streamlines their ability to provide financial assistance to small businesses. Their dedication to consistent and exceptional service has contributed to the city’s commercial success and the growth of several beloved businesses in Glendale. As a strong supporter of localized commerce, AUB has established itself as an integral part of Glendale’s flourishing economy.

Many customers have turned to Americas United Bank because they offer the convenience and amenities of a larger bank with the personal attention that only a local, community bank can offer. At their Glendale branch, customers can complete most simple transactions at the first floor lobby at 801 N. Brand Blvd. Americas United Bank also offers customers several modern banking solutions, including mobile banking, online banking, and remote deposit capture. Additionally, those who do their banking with AUB Bank are granted immediate access to decision makers and their entire team of financial professionals. Because they are based in Glendale, Americas United Bank can offer face to face service that can help expedite the lending process and put their clients in the best position to grow their business.

With a combination of exceptional service and dedication to their community, Americas United Bank is a tremendous example of the quality of businesses within the Glendale Chamber of Commerce.

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